Team Foundation Server Hosting


Account Management

Through the Self-Service Control Panel, you will be able to administer your collection. You will be able to create and manage projects, users, support cases, and you billing information.

Here is a look at the control panel after creating a TFS Server Hosting account.

Managing Your Collection

The Self-Service Control Panel makes administering your collection seamless and easy. If you need to add a collection to your account, all you have to do is click on the ‘Need Another Collection?’ button.

Managing Your Users

You will be able to add and administer users through the Self-Service control panel. To create a user, click on the ‘Create New User’ button.

You will be able to specify the collection role for each user. The can be a collection administrator, user, or read-only.

When you populate all the field, create a user by clicking on the ‘Create’ button.

Managing Your Projects

The Self-Service Control Panel allows you to create unlimited TFS projects. To create a project, click on the ‘Create New Project’ button.

TFS Server Hosting allows you to pick the process template for each project. You also get the flexibility of assigning multiple roles (admin, user, read-only) for each user.

Once a project is created, you can edit the project by clicking on the pencil icon.