Team Foundation Server Hosting

Pay as You Go, No Contracts, Upgrade at Any Time

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Limited User

View only premissions in Web Access, Urban Turtle, and Source Control

$10 /month per user

Standard User

Check-in & check-out code, create and modify work items, and full access within Web Access except sprint and backlog planning views and feedback management

$15 /month per user

Full User

Access to SharePoint Project Portals and SQL Reports, full access to features in Web Access including sprint and backlog planning and feedback management

$25 /month per user

All plans include 10 GB of storage, unlimited projects, and Urban Turtle

No Minimum, Pay Only for the Users You Need

Extras & Add-Ons

Additional Disk Space

Disk space includes the size of your collection database and any attachments in your SharePoint Project Portal.

$5 /month per GB

Build Services

Implement continuous integration and automate your builds with our Build Boxes. We'll configure everything.

$50 /month

Project Collection

Need an additional project collection to better organize or segregate your data. We're the only service that gives you the option.

$100 /month per collection